Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Loonies for La-La Land


I don't even know why I post this. Hopefully, this handful of change is sufficient for the Ontario backroomers to pick the ACR-1000. I know they were looking for billions, but what the hey, it's a depression! With all the Americans going 'Buy America', it behooves us to buy Canadian.

Now, I'm afraid that some new readers are taking me seriously. This is a sad state of affairs! Next thing I know, lawyers for bat-mashers will be after me. Or maybe, if all the big boys take me seriously, we'll have all sorts of admissions, a la Calgary:

Yep, that Space Shuttle idea was really stupid.

OMG! That tunnel will never work!

A Brain Fart, keeping that reactor going!

Man, we didn't know what we were doing, when we picked Nanticoke.

But, it will never happen...

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