Monday, May 22, 2017

Where there is no law, everything goes


A totally lawless area is unstable.  There is no limit to depravity, and the most violent people get the power.  Soon everybody is killing each other, and they starve.  The same thing has happened with science.  The law used to be the 'Scientific Method', and all scientific discussions were carried out under that law.

The law evolved during the great flowering of the Reformation, or Renaissance.  Before that, we just had the scientific 'law' of the Ancient Greeks, which was no law at all.  They just made up 'just so' stories and shouted everybody down defending it.  It gave us the Dark Ages.

Right now we can blame Facebook for everything.  :)  The old Internet forums usually had a couple of cranky people who could slam down anybody for breaking the law of the Scientific Method (SM).  Now, all the scientists are confined behind their PR department walls and cannot enter any discussion without approval.

But even if scientists make official pronouncements to official news sources, we can no longer believe them.  They are all driven by 'other considerations' such as government funding, or student attendance.  With Facebook, SM broke down when the Aristotolians seized control of global warming.  If anybody raised objections about the physics they would engage in a massive social media campaign to get those people fired.  And every scientist works for a place that is sensitive to public pressure.

So, now we are lawless.  This will progress to utter chaos, and when it gets really stupid, and people are killed in large numbers, then we'll see a change.  For now, enjoy the ride.  :)

ps.  it started with the Bible Belt, and that is no longer an important part of Willful Ignorance.  FB Science is now the dominant trend.  Everybody wants to give up thinking.  With companies, it makes you immune from the Law, and you can survive as long as you have a monopoly.  However, this always ends in tears.

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