Friday, May 19, 2017

Landowners seize Chapman Valley Park

On a day that will live in infamy, the greedy landowners have seized a popular ravine walking trail.  This is an incitement to violence that never exists in Canada.  We believe in peace, order and good government.

This is our fine park.  And this is what they have done with it.

Note that people are starting to get violent with the sign.  Thousands of people are blocked.  That is, if they don't know that in Canada these signs are worthless.  Trespassing cannot be enforced, except in civil court and that never works.  Sure, people lurking around your house are in trouble with the police, but the police aren't coming for this.

Old Rob would never have stood for this.  He would have ranted and raved at the sign, and then tumbled into the creek for posterity.  Here is the location.

So, for the upcoming Annual Rob Ford Day, I invite everybody to come and lay flowers at the sign, in memory of a great walking trail.  Park on the streets, the landowners will love it.  Add some original art to the sign if you want.  Free Beer!  Loud Music!

**for the last little bit, we are counting on TheRob to descend and distribute.  :)

*** or ascend, whatever.

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