Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New ransomware goes up the Microsoft chain - Fake News!

My adopted 'old man' just had his computer hosed.  He didn't click on anything recently.  No backups.  I've always wanted him to get a Chromebook.  Anyway, it was win10 with automatic updates.  The most common system in the world.  I'm off to restore it, but it was supposedly fully protected, and I'm sure it will get it again.

ps.  cbc just asked my what ransomware it was.  I'm going over there this afternoon, and I'll take a picture of the screen.

pps.  CANCEL EVERYTHING!   This was just an ms-money thing.  ms changed something and it couldn't find the main file.  It spewed out obscure pages that looked like ransomware.  It litters his desktop with countless phoney backup icons.  It took me a long time to find where they hid his file.

ppps.  and I just found that ms-money is done and gone.

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