Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cottage Diary

Friday - came up late, traffic not too bad, took the 407.  Raining at the boat, and mosies were terrible.  Stupid boat had to the bilge pump stuck on full, and battery was dead.  Good thing I could use my little lithium battery booster.  Worked great.  Got to the cottage, busted olive oil bottle, yuck.  Couldn't fix the pump.  Will have to use the pack to start it again.

Saturday - had a fire overnight.  Neighbour picked me up to go fishing for lake trout.  Hundreds seen on the sonar, not one nibble.  Bugs are horrible, waiting for the dragonflies.  Bring on the air force!

Lake trout brought in by my neighbour.  They got it while paddling.

Sunday - hot, unbelievable bugs.  Full nets on, and now it's getting too hot for them.  Arrgghh.  Pure hell.
Coming home - dragonflies are out.  Yeah!

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