Monday, May 29, 2017

Another Great Amazon Thing

I get some of these things to try out and review.  This is an air fryer, about 2-300 bucks.  Here's my video.

Fantastic fries.  Now I'm doing sweet potato, which we love.  We're talking majorly healthy here.  We just came back from the buggy cottage and went to our favourite chip wagon.  Beautiful fries, soggy with fat or the cheap palm oil they use.  You won't live to your nineties with that!  These fries are better.

ps.  just tried sweet potatoes -- great!  And we had cut up roasted veggies for dinner. -- zucch, peppers and onions.  great!

pps.  Everybody is going nuts about this thing!  Driving me nuts!  I'm cooking up everything with it, and it always need stirring at 10 minute intervals.  I don't like doing work.  :)

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