Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Salvation of Old People


So, when it comes out next year, all old people, like me, should buy some dried tops.  Make sure it is a strain of 50/50 thc, cbd.  In fact, get it right now by screaming to your doctor, or any doctor.  :)

Heat it in olive oil, just below the smoke temperature.  Get a candy thermometer.  I should have got one for the last batch.  It's horrible if you overheat.  Keep it at that temperature for 45 minutes.  Then store it in the fridge, goes semi-solid.  Take a daily dose, just below feeling anything.  You may have to experiment on that.

This is now available for any old person in Canada.  Prevents alzies.  Go for it!

ps.  you have to do this yourself, since edibles won't be available for 2 years.

pps.  I'm getting my adopted old guy to get a prescription from a geriatric specialist.  We'll see if that works, and then we'll do oil.  I find that a small daily dose gives a wonderful clarity of mind.  Normally, I am so distracted, it's great to be right in the 'zone' of the moment.

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