Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wind turbines become an Ontario election issue


Went to the cottage and back and didn't see one wind turbine!  They're doing lots of work on the 407 extension, so driving along #7 is a mess.  Can't wait until they have that done!

Saturday was a washout, but Sunday was really nice.  The ravens on the cliff have 4 baby birds this year!  They are already bigger than the mommy bird.  Man are they noisy!  Cottages near the cliff say the birds come to visit them when they have the bbq up, and those birds are so big.  I expect them to terrorize the whole shore soon, since their two older siblings from 2 years ago are still always around and squawking

Back to wind turbines, they really should pay for a study with our seismometers in the region.  I'm sure we must get periodic coherent waves out of these things.  

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