Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Local: The organic war on weeds

Ok, I finally starting to get a handle on dealing with the weeds in Organic Ontario.  As told, Ontario banned all the good stuff in an effort to save puppy dogs.  Immediately, my lawn was a mess!

Rules to live in Ontario

1.  None of this half-ass organic stuff is going to work if you don't have the healthy grass to crowd out the weeds when they are sick with organic flu.

2.  Don't fertilize!  Or very minimally.  Fertilizing makes the bugs happy, and there is nothing to kill them.  I throw on some left-over Costco Miracle gro every year or two.

3.  Get a big-sucker mulching gas mower!  This is more 'green' than some feeble electric or push mower.  You want to totally pulverize the cut grass and you need a lot of power when your grass gets lush.  When every piece of grass is dust, the worms can eat it right away, and it's gone in a day.  So many losers use 1950 lawnboys, and have hay on their lawn.  They can rake it, but it is toxic waste and nobody picks it up, and it is really rotten compost.  If you rake away the grass, you stripping the lawn of black organics.

4.  In summer let it go to light brown.  This discourages the bugs.  Water it once a week, so it doesn't die on you.  All the old people on the street water their lawn every day from their porch, with a sprayer!

5.  Use the organic iron weed spray.  This stuff only gives the weeds a case of the measles, but if the grass is active enough, it takes over.

6.  Use my vinegar spray for the sidewalks.  That's mostly Costco vinegar with a tbspoon of liquid tsp.  Just shocks the weeds, but dries them out if they are small enough.  You can use it on the paths in the veggie garden, and it doesn't spread.  Much better if you can get Pickling or Cleaning Vinegar.

7.  Spread seeds in the fall.  Use good old Costco rye grass and pour a lot all around.  This stuff is tough!  It's better if you throw on some black soil from a big bag if the soil is really poor and the worms are on strike.

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