Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Local: BBQ was blowing up

Next to the cottage, I live at the barbecue.  So, 10 years ago I got this big Costco thing, which is small by today's standards.  The stainless steel really lasts, but I'll have to replace the cast iron burners soon.

It has a back rotisserie burner, made of a porous ceramic, and it does great chickens!  Lately, because of the home army, I've been jamming 3 Costco chickens on it.  But it's been sick, and today kept blowing up, and I had to finish the chickens in the oven.

So, fearless as always, I took it apart.  It was blowing up at the big air gap to mix the fuel, which is part of the element.  The element comes out, and it is all riveted.  But, holy crap, when I turned it upside down, it rained black ash.  Just like an Iceland volcano!  So I kept banging it until no more came out.

Now it works like new!  I couldn't find anything on the internets, so I hope this helps.  :)

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