Thursday, June 2, 2011

Arkansas still denies link -- injection --> earthquakes


In Arkansas, the state’s oil and gas commission and the Arkansas Geological Survey said they have found no evidence that drilling or hydraulic fracturing caused a series of earthquakes there this spring.
But they have not ruled out a link to the companies’ practice of reinjecting wastewater into the geological structures.
“We see no correlation” between the drilling and fracking and the earthquake activity, AGS director Bekki White said in a telephone interview Wednesday. “As far as whether it is related to injection of fluids, we still have not determined whether it is or whether it is naturally occurring.”

I always like it when an institution says "We see no evidence of night following day."  Then you have to wonder what would be required for them to 'see' something.  Anyway, the earthquakes totally stopped (almost) when they stopped injecting, so it remains to see if the blind institutions are brave enough to start injection again. It is almost certain that they will not properly instrument the area, since this helps in their 'stupidity defence'.

Personally, I would want them to start injecting again.  I really want to see the second shear wing develop with a good M5.  Then, if they keep injecting we can have a pool going, on when the M6 will show up.  All the time, they will be bleating "See no evil!".  :)

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