Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer and the fishing is fine

Well, I'm winding down blogging for fishing.  It's the start of the bass season, and I should be more into that.  I'd like to say I'm shutting down completely, but that's a horrible thing to do, since we know then there will be a big earthquake tomorrow.

Things on the back burner.

AECL - now all the wait is over.

Bruce Deep Thing - nothing going on as the greenies buy their chains.

New Nuclear - see AECL above.

New Zealand - there can't be any more damage there, even though we'll get a big earthquake every few months.

The US - they shall just sink, gracefully.

Thus, really, even if I went canoeing up north with no news whatsoever, I don't expect anything to happen.  :)

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