Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Internet access as a human right


Since I am a blogger, these things always interest me.  In other countries I'd be dead by now, since I make fun of people like Conrad.  The worst is that Google cut me off my wine money, so now I just blog for some sick compulsion.  :)

Over here, the worst threat to intellectual internet freedom are the copyright police, who would gladly shut down the whole thing.  I don't think these happy hackers are a big threat, since they are just joy riding, like in the good old days when the car manufacturers put in dime-store locks.  We can't allow the police to shut down the internet, and they should be happy, since it is so easy to catch rioters who aren't smart enough to put on a mask.

So, all you people in the more oppressive countries, like the US, you should make this a concern.  :)

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