Monday, November 29, 2010

Toronto Living - Going to the garbage dump

This is just a narration to help anyone in a similar boat.

Our neck of the woods has gone to bin pickup.  These are giant plastic buckets that don't fit anywhere, so if you ever are designing a new house, design around these things!  Well my super-giant recycling bin is always full because they only pick that up every other week.  Recently, I've been ordering the presents over the internet, and filling up with packaging material.  They used to pick up extra recycling in clear bags, they even say so on their web site.  But they don't do that anymore!

Two collections in a row, I dutifully took out all the bags, and they metaphorically spat on them.  I emailed 311-Toronto, but I couldn't wait.  Thank goodness my son borrowed the van on the weekend and took out all the seats without replacing them (grumble, grumble).  I piled in all my bags, and a few extra garbage bags.

Went off to the Ingram transfer station, got lost once, not very good signs.  When you go in, it's like the American border, you have to wait for a red light, and go on a scale.  Naturally, I screwed it up, and had to back all the way off the scale.  Then I gave a $10 deposit.  I entered the big stinky building,  blleeccchhh.  After more conversations, I just threw the stuff out on a big pile.  Afterwards, I had to go on the out-going scale, and got $5 back!  I'm drinking Pomegranate tea and my nose memory still isn't clearing!  Shoved a Bounce sheet up my nose.  NOT WORKING!

After I came back, 311 came through and said they would book an extra pickup for tomorrow.  Sorry, I said --I've had my life experience...


Unknown said...


You can also use 311's online service request for missed recycling pick up.

Hope this helps,

Harold Asmis said...

I know, I got the message after I came back. They should change their web site.

Dumpster Dude said...

Quite an Unforgettable experience i believe, Good that you managed to get a glimpse of the trash yard.