Thursday, November 11, 2010

Linux and the 1TB Drive

OMG!  I just installed a 1tb hard disk!  This takes me way back when I was doing Unix administration, and first contaminating the old company with Usenet.  The concept of a 1tb database was mind-boggling!  We thought of huge disk farms and Oracle.  I think I was working with 1g drives or smaller.

But 1tb drives are commodity now.  I just zipped through the Internetz and ordered it.  Then I put it my machine to replace a 120G drive (pooey!).  Dang, don't forget to zap the old fstab!!

fdisk took care of it, but it was confusing, since this is very large, and wants to be a logical drive.  It broke it up into sdc1 and sdc5.  The first one is some phoney overhead, and the second is what you format.  I used ext4 since it is a higher number than ext3 :)   I hear it has some neat features for large drives, but who cares?

When you finally redo fstab and get it all working, it seems to cut down to 900G, but what the heck?  You can fine-tune to eke out a few more gbytes.

I'm using this for backups of video and pictures.  You just don't get anywhere with cd's and dvd's anymore!

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