Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hauling Out the Snowblower

In Canada, this is time for "The Great Turnover", which is when we pack away the lawnmower, and bring out the snowblower.  I have a small spot in the shed for them, so I have to make sure of the exact timing.  It would be horrible if we had a warm spell and the grass started growing!  No worries this year, since the forecast looks miserably cold for the next week or two.

Thank God for gas stabilizer!  I just throw it in the lawnmower, and run it for 5 minutes.  This lazy method has always worked for me!  For the snowblower, I just change the oil, since in Toronto I'm sure I'm using 1% of the designed duty cycle for these things.  I always get new gas at the turnover, winter and spring, since this is the best thing for easy starts.  If I have extra old gas, it just goes in the car.  This year, the lawn mowing was ridiculous and I had no extra gas.

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