Saturday, November 13, 2010

Port Hope Lashes Back!


Bully for them!  Let's keep Port Hope a total backwater!  Keep the foreigners out!

My thought is that they should just leave that radioactive dirt there.  They don't need any foreign dirt!  Radioactivity is good for you.  Think of all the natural hotspots of the world, and see how healthy the people are.  It cleans out cancer.  Go to Radium Springs!

***Note that this is not sarcasm, but parody.  I always hope that Hope embraces its radioactivity, and becomes a leading nuclear research centre where we finally put the left-over nuclear bits in a dry underground facility that then heats the place!  I guarantee you that everybody will be extremely healthy, since money is the number one determinant of health, and it will be the most monitored place in the world.....

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