Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Google, Antitrust and Making Money from a Blog


European Union competition watchdogs announced their investigation, after smaller companies accused Google of "unfavourable treatment" of their services in both unpaid and sponsored search results, the crucial listings that make the web navigable.

Oh, I just have to wade in here with my experience, even though lately I seem to be wandering all over the place.  I really seem to be heading for a manic-counter-reaction shutdown!  Anyway, I love Google, with their free support of my blog, and I use their stuff all the time.  But, they are absolutely ruthless and nasty when it comes to their core business of serving up sleazy ads.  I ran into that when I kept making fun of their ads while raking in wine money on Adsense.  But they slammed me down, and banned me for life, even though I promised that next time I'd be really, really good!

So, I have this intellectual blog, and am not making a penny from it!  I read somewhere that only sleazy blogs make money, especially anything to do with making money, or losing weight.  I just had a guy offer me $100 to inject a piece of link spam in one of my articles.  The fact that it had the stilted English of a Nigerian scam, gave me pause.

So Mr. Google, I still love you!  I hope the Euros don't beat you up too much, but you can probably afford to the clear up the national debt of Ireland all by yourself!


Silver Fox said...

I was also just offered $100 for a text link on a particular post, "via PayPal." The phrasing seemed slightly non-standard, but not as bad as some Nigerian scams.

Harold Asmis said...

It was the attempt at humour that got me. Now we know this is a big scam. All bloggers look out! Damn, I'll never make any money. :)

Silver Fox said...

Maybe we can go on strike for more money. Oh...maybe not. :(

Harold Asmis said...

Someday maybe Amazon will come in full force to Canada, and I can make a wish list of all the crazy things I'd like to buy. :)