Saturday, November 13, 2010

China Earthquake Building

Video Link

Blah, blah, this building went up in 6 days.  The video is fascinating.  Look at the steel bracing!

These are more like energy-absorbing elements, rather than stiff diagonal bracing.  That must have been fun to analyze!  Of course, when there's an earthquake these things will all be buried in drywall, and impossible to replace.  Might as well just take down the whole building.

To do it in 6 days, you have to be sure of the weather, and start the drywall without weatherproofing.  This is where they started the cladding.


I'm assuming that because we always clad those things in concrete for the jet planes.  So, this hotel is off my list, I'm not schlumping my tired body up 15 floors, even if there were a staircase.  :)

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