Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Madrid States Develop Scenarios for M6.0 Earthquake


Middle Tennessee residents would see chimneys collapsing and structural cracks in older buildings, but they would feel the loss of power most.

"We'd be plunged into darkness, some of us without feeling the quake," Heidt said, as downed power lines and collapsed stations shut down electricity to 2.6 million in the eight states.

"All communications would be out. All air travel would be out as the FAA air control would go down. All rail travel would fail. Ports would shut down; oil and natural gas pipelines could be off line."

And this is just an M6, which is a reasonable scenario for Toronto.  They have braced some electrical systems, but the whole valley is mud soup which amplifies things by 10-100 times.  Southern Ontario could do something with all those old sub-stations around Hamilton...

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