Thursday, June 30, 2022

Gods of Global Warming - Kerry Emanuel


I thought my 'gods' series was over, because they are all in hiding.  My mistake.  They are necessary to pimp up universities and attract rich students.  In the old days, when all this stuff was rising, the gods destroyed anybody doing physics.  Who can stand against these guys?  Look at the great pictures!  They drip with sincerity, and can curdle milk.

That is why nobody will ever do any experiments that could prove this wrong.  Everybody will be freezing, fossil fuel prices will go through the roof, and the Thames will freeze over.  But the gods will keep the myth going forever.

If you apply the Scientific Method to all this, then the carbon hypothesis fails.  But the gods have destroyed the SM, it's all 'legal' debate now.  These people will stare you in the face and say "You are not freezing.'  And we'll believe them.  I believe them, but what's with my heating bill?  

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