Thursday, November 19, 2020

Stupid is, as Stupid does


I love this study.  They basically say that if get rid of all the humans we can have robots design and build nuclear power plants in a factory and roll them to a site.  They seem to blame everything on site conditions.

Yet, they have to backtrack a bit for the unions.

“Many of these involve human jobs and it is important, especially in this time, where there’s such a need to create high-quality sustained jobs for people, this should also factor into the engineering design process. So it’s not that you need to look only at costs.” 

Phew!  As I just said, I love these studies.

ps.  Somebody's Hubby is out of a job when we have Ammie-Nuke.  Just order it.  :)

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Penny said...

By time that occurs hubby will be retired

I read the article. Interesting. It's more geared towards the smaller nuclear power plant- not the monsters we have now.

An observation- going over budgets has lots to do with engineers who don't 'live' in the world of construction and the reality imposed upon it by the environment

Another problem is bloated, ineffective QC