Thursday, November 19, 2020

Covid - Garbage in Garbage out computer modelling


I suppose our power-doctors will take this article and do something horrible with it.  Anyway, we need the viability half-life of particle size to make sense of this.  Also I have no faith in a mask that has been used for an hour.  

We go on and hope this will go away.  Last year at this time, we had covid running rampant and we still had our Christmas parties.  Some of us nearly died, but blah blah.

Also, it is nearly impossible to get a flu shot now.  I think I will just give up this year.  There won't be any flu going around.  No parties.

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Penny said...

Silly article. I read it.

We've been wearing masks for months and months and the positive covid tests keep growing. Doesn't mean anyone is sick. In fact the vast majority of positive tests are not sick at all.

We should realize that we are at high enough social immunity levels that this pandemic is gone, for all intents and purposes... However, I see the pharmaceuticals are making application for emergency vaccine use. I suspect this explains the media hysteria.

We still don't know anyone who had Covid... Someone I know, has an elderly dad who had Covid,(tested positive) but, he survived, wasn't particularly sick, no problem. Mid 80's