Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Gods of Global Warming - Kate Marvel


This is an interesting article.  She has a background in theoretical physics, so I can't make a math joke.  I just think the living is much better as a carbon warmer.  She just does the modelling, assuming there is a diffuse warming element.  They don't actually model the carbon.

So, with all these people supporting the carbon hypothesis, there is no chance of it all falling apart in the next few years when the world temperatures go down.  They'll just play on.  

ps.  I've done a bunch on these people, who are extremely talented on social media.  It's through their efforts that every storm, fire, heat wave etc, is quickly drafted to the warmie cause.  :)  They don't do so well when they try to claim snowstorms and cold spells.  


Anonymous said...

More like a fairy princess. Cant understand why people aren't buying her rainbows and unicorns. Talented ? Mah just a load of juvenile idealistic BS

Harold Asmis said...

Yeah, I was thinking the 'Celebrity Cult' was getting a bit much. But mainly, I wanted to show the power of it.