Monday, November 30, 2020

State of the oceans -- Nov 25-30, 2020

 Wow, the ocean currents were not available for 2 weeks, and then 5 days late.  Perhaps the guy got covid.

The big news (change) is the Atlantic belt.  It has gone into full winter mode, with a full reversal, and very little heat energy coming up to the Gulf.  But that place still has a goodly amount of heat.

The Pacific is continuing a massive push to the west, sucking up all the Antarctic water.  That cold water has reached Indonesia, the home of all our weather.

That's the surface temp anomaly, which takes off the expected value.  The water is still quite warm, but below 30C needed to generate a tropical plume.

This is the 5 day plume video.  If we get hit high, it's 30 below, middle is middling weather, and a low hit sucks up Gulf warmth.  These hits are now tending to be high.

If this confuses you, check my background site on the right.

ps.  the UK is finally hitting my prediction of being Labrador.  This reckoning was delayed a couple of years by the odd ocean currents.  Now, the ocean currents are 'clean' and predictable and the UK is screwed.

pps.  We just had a full Alberta Clipper hit to Alaska.

Fun times, dig up the remaining carrots.

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