Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Toronto's Climate Change Emergency

I have come to accept climate change, which means our climate is shifting into an ice age.  You can blame carbon dioxide if it makes you feel better.  The cold means we will be burning more to stay warm and that makes it colder.  A terrible feedback mechanism.

The climate emergency in Etobicoke is that the snow came early and mucked up the leaf pickup.  Then the snowplows came and rolled up huge balls of frozen leaves that are blocking the road everywhere.  Now we are getting more snow.

So, you may laugh.  But imagine driving and big dark giant leaf ball is rolling towards you.  That's worse than a newfie moose!  I don't what to do.  I am in despair and don't want to have children.

ps.  I'm going to try to take pictures of the giant rolling leaf balls, but it may be dangerous.

Giant leaf glacier ready to roll down the street.

Huge frozen leaf balls ready for the plough to start moving.

pps. instead of fatbergs in the sewer, we'll call these leafbergs on the street.  :)

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