Saturday, December 14, 2019

Extreme Cold Proceeds Normally

The big hole in the Arctic ice is now closing.  Polar bears are fine, the permafrost is fine.  The media has a field day with observations that are 3 years old.  In fact, all media time has stopped at 2016.

The ice volume build-up is at a standard rate.  I'll take a chance and say that the current volume line will power through the pack in January.  The world temperatures are static, which means that the seasonal southern warmth is equal to the northern cold.

A very cold air mass is descending on us.  The UK stays at the 5C temperature of the surrounding ocean.  All of this is due to the shifting heat transport of the ocean.  You can look at that and make 'predictions' based on physics, as opposed to blind faith.

ps.  You Brits don't have to move to Canada, Canada is coming to you!

This is after the election.

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