Saturday, December 7, 2019

Toronto Carbon Cooling

I am waiting for all my monthly charts which are late.  I'll just make fun of climate news.

Some old guy said that Canada would benefit from carbon warming.  Were we not having fun during the warming cycle?  Mild winters, hardly any snow, people building houses all year round.  It was great.  More of that would be good.  Of course, all the warmies called the comments 'insane'.

Another study said that all the previous mindless linear extrapolations of temperature were accurate.  Of course, we had a linear rise in temperature.  It was much less than expected, but it was linear.  And if you draw your line from the very bottom of 2000 to the very top of 2016, then it gets close to accurate.

And there's Australia.  Every year it becomes a landlocked desert under the high sun of summer with no ocean breezes.  It's hot and if you don't burn the brush every year, you get big fires.  But that's the big climate news at the moment.

And the trudies are going 'all in' with climate change.  Toronto is going to have 6 months of snow storms and -30 temps.  And wearing 'the goose' is now considered ostentatious.  What are we going to do?


ps.  we should all come out with our fondest memories of the warming cycle.  Mine is opening the cottage at the beginning of May and having 6 months of summer.

pps.  a big casualty of the rotten continuous snow is the retail sector.  I just did all my Christmas shopping on ammie.

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