Sunday, December 1, 2019

Canada's top brains to build nuclear reactors

A small reactor must be easy-peasy, right?  We don't have any brains left in the country to do this.  Wait until you see what they have done with the Darlington refurb.  It's just peachy.  And don't forget our nuclear waste efforts -- going great.

Now, up there we have curly-larry-whatever.  They won't pay a dime for physics.  If they did, then we wouldn't need the nuclear reactors.  If, however, we wanted some nuclear skill, then we should have followed my suggestion of a long time ago.

Burn to the ground that whole Chalk River mess.  Retire everybody there, since they really deserve retirement, all their hard work, etc.  Form a new nuclear research centre at Wesleyville, with a high-speed train to Toronto.  Keep my old company out of this.  Do everything new, with some big guns from South Korea.  Then we can think about building new nuclear.

Please remember our small Maple reactors.  The S. Koreans made them work, we didn't.  The most powerful management team from the old company went off to make our Maples work.  Hear anything about that?  

***this is marked as satire with a lot of sarcasm.

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