Monday, December 9, 2019

The Great Hearing Aid Scam

That was from my old guy, who is now dead.  There's too much money in the whole industry for me to say it.  Besides, any search for the above title would result in tons of phoney articles that turn it around and say "spend money on this".

My old guy told me to never get a hearing aid because it didn't help.  That's after he spent thousands of dollars for electronics that you can get on ammie for 5 bucks.  When you see this sort of thing, you must wonder about the physics of the whole scam.

The current approach is to get very tiny hearing aids that equalize the hearing notches from a lifetime of living.  They do the horribly involved hearing test, which is just to find the proper equalization.  The physics assumption is that this actually works.

Old guys like us find it difficult to catch conversations in a lot of noise.  At the dance recital the music was ridiculously loud and the young people were chatting away.  The wife and I couldn't understand a thing.

I love my noise-cancelling headphones, and the Ms. Google voice on the speaker is wonderfully clear.  I'm not suffering from notches in the hearing.  The brain compensates for that.  So, I need a noise cancelling headphone with AI to pick out the conversations.  I'm buying something like that on ammie.  It's large and cheap, and madeinchina.  Who needs the equalization?  If that is important, then use an app to fool around with it.  I've never found equalization does anything.

I'll let you know if it works.  I'm envisioning noise-cancelling earphones with your googs phone doing all the heavy AI.  It's like translation in real time.  Yeah!  a use for an AI chip.

ps.  I've tried it and it's fantastic for just over $100.  Haven't checked it in noisy conversations.

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