Monday, December 16, 2019

Tessie Funny Fictional Story

Man bought a refurbished Tessie S, which had been in an accident.  When they fixed it up, they forgot to put in the 12V battery that nobody knows about.  Like all electric cars and hybrids, this rotten little battery is required to start the main batteries.

So as he driving to a party up north in the cold weather, the gauge shows 10% left.  No problem, he was coming up to a charging station.  Then it went into psycho mode, because of no 12V battery.  Nobody could tow it because it locked all the wheels.  He had to get a sling lift to put it on the flatbed.  Went to the charging station and it would not charge.

Getting a tow to tessie service would have cost an arm and a leg.  So he called them, invoked his 7 days right of refusal, and told them where it was parked.

**car names have been changed to protect the innocent (me).  You know how 'HE' gets on social media.  :)

**this does not represent a real car, living or dead.

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