Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Lake Erie Earthquake - felt in Ontario

This was a neat earthquake, shallow thrust with all the energy going to Ontario.  This is an area with a lot of earthquakes.

There have been M5's.  The earthquakes are caused by a seep of Lake Erie water.  The earthquake energy rate is quite low.  Had this been the same mechanism, but an M5, then things might have been knocked off the shelves.  Tack down your valuable knick-knacks.  Both the Lakes Eire and Ontario zones could produce an M7 at 1 in 10000 probability per year.  As I have said before, this sort of event would cause a large radiation release at Pickering, and I have to hope the wind is going the right way, although radiation is good for an old man like me.  :)

ps.  if you live in ZONE RED for earthquakes, you won't worry about a little radiation.


Penny said...

Hi Harold: Gosh, I missed not being able to comment- Being one of your biggest fans ;)

Don't know if you caught your true believers' contradictory/ cognitive dissonance baring statements?

David Evans "You can do a simple physics experiment to show that CO2 absorbs infrared"


David Evans You can't do a simple physics experiment to simulate the climate of an entire planet. Planets are not simple."

And yet the true believers expect everyone to believe/accept it is that simple.
And planets, our planet, is just that simple. Co2 up = global warming.
Wash, rinse, repeat.

Harold Asmis said...

I know, huh? He was David freakin Evans, the attack dog of the movement. He was one of my 'Gods of Global Warming'. The greatest debater alive, doesn't know crap about math.