Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Texas is for Texans

The world looks on in horror as Texas totally rewrites science text books.


The new books are to be written in 'Texas New Speak', which totally eliminates any word that is not in the King James Bible, as well as any controversial words which could somehow be related to sex.  In all, two thirds of of the English language met the cutting room floor.  As well, they dropped most prepositions, articles and such, which all Texans tend to swallow when they talk.

Some of the chapters are entitled "Science Bad", "Sex Bad", and "Think Bad".

With this final shoe dropping, the only Texans going to non-Texas universities, will be cheated through for football.

Geofish has rewritten all his findings for Texan earthquakes in a way they will understand:

Earthquakes Bad.

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