Monday, September 8, 2014

Oklahoma starts the flurry of mid-four earthquakes

M4.3.  I was thinking they would just jump to high 4's, but this place is slow....   As per the program, we'll have a flurry of 4's, followed by a resting phase of high 3's.  They bumped this one up, so it might be mostly normal (tension).

Blah, this is out in the boonies, so they don't have a focal mechanism.  We'll get good ones for the ones close to the city.  This one follows the opening of Mechanism #2 and that thrust earthquake a while ago.  We are really ready for thrusts on #1.

Update:  Wow, first a 4.2, and now knocked down to a 3.9, this has enjoyed a roller coaster.  Both earthquakes have had the highest discount ever.

Update2:  The focal mechanism is normal, total tension, on a weird plane.

Update3:  No flurry, I was basing that on a real 4.3.  If we get a mid 4 thrust on the main plane, then it's a flurry.

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