Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bell congestion issue back - sync no surf

You will recall that a while ago I ran into this bug often.  There is no support for Linux users.  It's basically a congestion issue, if you run into congestion on the higher channels, the modem totally craps out.  Then you have to do a power cycle.  Hits mostly when using bittorrent or ip phones because of multiple connections.

At the time I really screamed.  First I went to the CRTC that this was a long-standing issue and was equivalent to abuse of monopoly, since it eliminated ip phones.  They had looked into this and declared it a service issue (wieners!).  Then I went to the service reporting thing and magically I was switched to an empty channel.  I had the high-power ladies of 'Escalation' pursuing me for weeks.

Trouble is that an empty channel always becomes filled in a few months.  This has happened to me several times.  Now I'm getting the whole thing again.  I shall soon go through my procedure.  :(

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