Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cottage Report - S7

An absolutely gorgeous weekend, once everyone cleaned up after the tornadoes.  No damage up at the cottage, sunny in the day, very cool at night.  No bugs, and the water was warm enough for the young people after our 2 day heat wave.  The neighbour gave me a 3.5 lb smallmouth bass.  His is a sad story...

The Lost Fisherman of the Lake

Let me tell you the story of a fisher-man,
Who could catch any fish, as fast as one can.

But one day he fell into Fisherman Hell,
when he caught the elusive Picker-el.

One bite and he uttered an ecstatic yell,
This is the best fish come high water or Hell.

But now he was caught in a curse of Fate,
"By God, no other fish shall lay on my plate!"

But now he is cursed forever and a day,
To slave in his boat, throwing his life away.

You see him in the evening, near the cliff by the bay,
Cursing "By God, it's another giant bass, what the hey!"

His neighbour just laughs and has another meal,
Of the best fish in the world, the flavour unreal.
He never wants to try the Fish of Hell,
It can go to blazes, the damned Picker-el.

But God is a joker, for goodness sake,
When it comes to Pickerel, there's only one to a lake!

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