Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Deep Bruce Thing throws me out

Dear Mr. Asmis,

The DGR Joint Review Panel has directed the Secretariat to advise you that the below submission will not be accepted or included in the public record. The Panel has made the following determinations:
•     The submission does not add new information that will aid the Panel's deliberations,

Please note that the Public Hearing Procedures, including section 8.11, continue to apply.
Thank you,
DGR Secretariat


Now, that's just plain sad.  They don't want anything to do with the Precambrian or grout.  Oh well, I tried.

ps.  I know you guys out there.  Please don't say the whole thing is corrupt.  That's so Quebecish!  Say rather, that the whole thing is set up as to have only one conclusion.  :)

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