Monday, September 29, 2014

Cottage Report - S29

It continued with a wonderful fall.

The maples are in full glory and everybody should be out to see them.

On the drive up, we had to brake hard twice for turkeys crossing the road.  They would make quite a mess on the grill.  Don't stop dangerously, or you may cause an accident.  They are better than a moose.  :)

I owe a poem for the cottage next door.

The Vampires Next Door

They don’t have the teeth, and blood makes them weep,
But I know they are Vampires by the hours they keep.

We believe in Early to Bed, and Early to Rise,
But next door, late is best, something to prize.

The sunrise is beautiful, and a wonder to me,
But for the Vampires, it is a sight they will never see.

They have breakfast at Noon, a time for our lunch,
Perhaps they could combine, and call it a Brunch,
But no, they have Lunch at Dinner, with nary a peep,
And for their Dinner, we are already fast asleep.

They are very nice, to a degree that is fine,
And one evening they invited us for Peaches and Wine,
I responded, that we were sleepy as can be,
But he cried out, “Good God, it’s only seven thir-tee!”

But perhaps they aren’t Vampires, as my thoughts are in swirls,
For Heaven has ‘blessed’ them, with three teenage girls!

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