Sunday, October 10, 2010

Toronto Fish Ladder - The Beaver Strikes Back

The big salmon are swimming up the Humber.  I saw one over 2and1/2 feet!  Here's one shooting up the river with a rooster tail.

But the ladder is gummed up again!  Mr. Beaver has blocked the fishies!

He put a nice fresh dam there.

When asked, Mr. Beaver replied:  "It's my seaway because I live beside it!  I'm not letting any fish through, because they're big and smelly, and I don't like them.  I have a lot of political beavers backing me up on this!"


Mike said...

Which fishladder is this at if you don't mind telling?

Harold Asmis said...

Whenever I make vague references, it is good to use my search box for old references. I have a video there on the fishway, and a map. It's the Raymore fishway on the Humber near Scarlett and Eglinton. I don't know if they cleaned it yet, but the water is way down, and the fishies have stopped.

Mike said...

Oh cool. Didn't know the salmon went up that far. I know where it is, I live within a 10 minute bike ride from there. I should try wetting a line there.

Harold Asmis said...

You might have to wait for the next rain. Right now the water flow couldn't support a guppy!