Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No Innovation for Canada


Through the review, the Conservatives hope to determine why Canada lags other developed countries in terms of innovation, private-sector investment in R&D, as well as the commercialization of research. Canada continues to perform poorly in these areas, despite the fact that the federal government has invested in billions to spur innovation through tax breaks, grants and other forms of support.

I always wonder about this issue in my bloggings.  Could it be that all this money is tied up tighter than a drum in bureaucratic mediocrity?   When's the last time you heard a free thinker?  Are we too polite to rock the boat?

I also think we have returned to Soviet Central Industrial Planning.  That's where the government picks the 'winners' and pours in the money (Smitherman was the best!).  I don't think anybody is reading their history, when you strive for absolute control (Harper?), the economy goes down the rat hole.  I look to Brazil for innovation.  :)

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