Thursday, October 7, 2010

Door to Door Energy Predators - Just Energy

I thought when Direct Energy heisted the hot water market that all this door-to-door energy thing was gone.  After all the price of natural gas is tanking!  But my daughter who is a student at a house in Hamilton was crying because she just signed something when Just Energy came to the door.  They made her believe they were legit because they had her gas billing name.  What do students know about this crap?


They made my daughter cry!  I'm having her go to the landlord, then go to the university if she has to.  I am now conducting this campaign.

ps. I almost forgot that Conrad Black might be cleared and back in town again to scare everybody.


Anonymous said...

HI, welcome the the club :) I hate that company as much as I hit something.

Come my website, register and post your review about Just Energy and tell your story so many someone else may read it and avoid this garbage.

My website:

Harold Asmis said...

Neat site. Covers too many complaints for me. I have laser focus!!!

Aren't you afraid of Conrad? :)