Monday, October 18, 2010

Costco Wine Time Again

I've been making some fabulous wine with the Costco wine kits.  I make a batch Spring and Fall.  This year they have a Shiraz I'm trying.  This wine is good to drink after 6  months in the bottle, and great after 2 years, but I never get that far.  :(.  I used to get Gooble ad money to buy 'top rack' wine, but they found out that the intelligence of my readers did not match their ads, and they banned me for life.  Nevertheless, if I could really keep this wine for 2 years (I find some hidden bottles once in a while), then it's just as good as my $25 Vintages wine.

The secret is to never let Toronto tap water anywhere near your wine!  Use those big 18L water bottles at Costco.

Sideline:  Damn site.  I discovered a technical flaw in their programming, and do you think I get through to anybody?

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