Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another nail in the Yucca coffin


WASHINGTON -- The chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission tossed water on the embers of the Yucca Mountain project this week, directing agency scientists to halt a formal review of the nuclear waste site.

...There has been wide speculation among officials in various states and industry-leaning bloggers that a final ruling has been delayed because Jaczko favors Yucca termination but has not gathered a majority among three other commissioners to join him.

...Jaczko, a physicist, has served on the NRC since 2005 and was designated chairman in 2009 by President Barack Obama. Previously, Jaczko was a top aide to Reid, who fought the Bush administration to nominate him and later to appoint him to a second term.

The NRC commissioners do most of their deliberations in writing or behind closed doors, and other agency officials have not been able to shed light on the Yucca case that many attorneys expected to be settled by the end of the summer.

I just wanted to throw this in to show that we Canadians aren't the only ones with a scientific credibility problem in the 'mucky' areas.

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