Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friction - The New Frontier


This is something I've said from the very beginning of my blog -- that friction is nothing to sniff at!  Although I can wax eloquently forever on dynamic friction, the big earthquake boys ignore it.  So, these people had some fun.

By the way, Mr. Writer, they are not challenging the laws of physics, merely refining them.  So, when each little contact zings, it sends out an earthquake.  All the contacts form a fractal pattern, so that everything is fractal, or self-similar.  They still don't mention the role of water molecules on the surface, which act as a contaminant, resisting new adhesion.  If they did the experiment in a vacuum, the contact points would not release suddenly, but just gently roll along.  Actually, with that amount of smoothness, they wouldn't even be able to pry the blocks apart in a vacuum!

I am sooo happy!

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