Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Diary Oct 6, 2010

-went to the cottage again, just me and the dog.  It's amazing that all the wood you cut up and split, just keeps you going for those days.  I can never build up a big supply!
-water is extremely low, have to throw the motor right up, and paddle into my marina slot.
-nothing to write about, just hysteria about those radioactive boilers - what are people going to do if something real pops up?
-I really wanted to do a mechanical stick-slip demonstration, but I just can't make the effort to find the materials. It's still bouncing in my head.
-the eastern section of the SSA has a session on 'seismic hazard and nuclear power plants'.  Man, that takes me back!  Too bad I'm so dirt poor that I can't do these things.  I have no idea what new things they actually got for a whole session.  Probably just those sad seismic hazard studies.

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