Saturday, October 9, 2010

Packing Up the Cottage - Canadian Thanksgiving

It's Canadian Thanksgiving, and it's time to close the cottage.  For those of you suffering from Global Warming, here's the deal:  It too damn cold here other than a few months.  At the end of our summer, we must take all the fun boats up and protect them from 40 below temperatures, and 10 feet of snow.

All the water must be drained from the plumbing, and that isn't enough, because if one drop remains it has the explosive power of a Brazilian Blowout!  So, I also have to pour in a lot of plumbing antifreeze (that stuff is 80 proof!).  Then everything is tuck-tuck in bed until May.

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Harbles said...

But you lucked out on beautiful Saturday and Sunday weather. Enjoy while we can because we know what Winter brings.