Friday, September 13, 2019

Searching for a hot tub gasket

This is a classic heater union 2 inches.  When I replaced the heater I got the threaded union from a plumbing shop and installed it.  The union comes with a gasket and you can only get a fitting gasket with a union.  But it was black and totally melted in the hot tub after a couple of years.  Finding the leak was horrible.

So it is difficult to get a silicone gasket.  Amazon has them for a horrendous price.  None of the commercial plumbing shops have them.  I finally went to a big pool parts place, and these things aren't labelled in the shop.  He has hundreds of gaskets.  I had all the measurements, especially that it was 3 inch OD.  He finally gave me one for free.

The original gasket was flat but with an o-ring glued on one side.  That holds the gasket in place as you try to put the union together.  My flat gasket squirmed all over the place so I filled the channel with pure silicone and let it harden.  Makes it a lot easier.

ps.  Had I known I'd drive all over the place, I would have just got this.  I may still need silicone on the other side.

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