Sunday, September 1, 2019

Hurricane Physics

This is exciting enough to break my vow of silence for a minute.  Hurricane Dorian is predicted to rake the trumpy coast and not strike.

However, there is overwhelming momentum from the Atlantic wind belt to slam it into the golf course.

Fighting against this is the channel of hot water from the vestigial Gulf Stream.  Hurricanes like to travel up the highway of heat.

It will be quite interesting to see which force wins.

ps.  I forgot to mention that the most important physics here is the 'difference' between the hot and cold air.  You can have the hottest air and it just sits there like a blob.  Only when cold air slides over it you get energy released.  All the warmies say is 'hotter air holds more moisture' which is irrelevant crap.  :)

pps.  the projected track is always nudging closer to trumpyland.

more: whew.  I was worried there hasn't been any warmie press.  Thank goodness for the WP: The unusual strength of Dorian and the rate at which it developed is consistent with the expectation of more intense hurricanes in a warming world. Some studies have shown increases in hurricane rapid intensification, and modeling studies project an uptick in the frequency of Category 4 and 5 storms.

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