Friday, September 13, 2019

Another fine thing


These are the people making lots of money from warminess.  They just came out that the ice minimum is 2nd lowest, and that the Arctic will be ice-free in a couple of years.  Good for them!

My hypothesis of flip-flopping heat flow, leads to the expectation of tremendous ice this year.  It will be fun to get them out again.  If you freeze yourself in when the ice is always decreasing, then you will get out at ice minimum.  If, however, the ice is building, maybe trumpy can lend a nuclear bomb.

When they hit the 5m ice, I hope they have a bubbler system, or some way to jack the boat up on the ice.  At least have measurements on ice pressure.  Should be fun.

ps.  this is great, the latest warmie physics.  It's so perfect, except it leaves out convection, and scaling effects.  It's 'truth' is that experiments in a bottle represent the entire atmosphere.  You can never argue with this, just wait until it gets cold.


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