Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Ethiopia Day 3

I am now sitting on the balcony overlooking Lake Awasa, with my Scotch.  I am inspired to write an exciting video game called Potholes and Goats.  Absolutely terrifying.

Started this morning with 'Sunrise over the rift'.  After that, a long game of potholes and goats, with donkeys, cattle, and people.  I *need* my whiskey.  This lake has tons of fish, and we are going on a boat trip to see hippos, tomorrow.  We asked if the boat was big enough.

We visited yesterday a large settlement on the top of a mountain.  They are very poor but have set up a 'disneypark' for tourists, so we don't bother real life.  This is just the end of the rainy season with no tourists.  Next month the place is choked with tourists.  But it shows real life, and the actors come from all over the place.  We went well into the settlement when we visited the waterfall, and I made my great pratfall in front of hundreds.  They cheered and I bowed.  Here we are dancing with them.  Like I said we loved them all and gave them sunglasses.

ps. Like I said before, it is inconceivable that you could survive this 'backpacking' on your own.

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